Select a Need

Selecting the Best Technology to Enhance Student Learning

Many of the technologies can support multiple goals/functions for and within your courses, such as ASULearn. Search for specific functions below to identify which technology(ies) will best meet your needs in enhancing student learning. We appreciate any technology suggestions and/or site recommendations.

Potential Course Design Model(s):

Implementation Considerations for Success:


  • What are the benefits to student learning?
  • What degree of technical expertise is needed by the students to successfully meet task requirements?
    • Can you support this need?
  • How will you meaningfully integrate the technology into the course?
    • How will using this technology enhance project/assignment/lesson/etc.?
  • What are the technological options from which the students can select?
  • How will these activities be effectively and fairly assessed?


  • Start simply with some basic pertinent activities to develop confidence
    • Include ‘help’ sites/information links on ASULearn
  • Provide examples:
    • Your own
    • Previous students (with their permission)
  • Establish:
    • Clearly with whom the information will be shared
    • E.g. just instructor, team members, whole class, general public
    • A code of appropriate practice (e.g. password protection, coded identification, information permitted, etc.)
    • Identify attribution/referencing strategies
      • Context & rubrics/checklists/rating scales for all tasks to ensure greater quality, clarity & purpose of activities