Technology Resources - Graphics, Audio and Animation

Video, Animation, Photograph and Cartoon technologies which:

  • Create - videos (including multi camera), animation, graphs, cartoon and comic strips as alternative creative ways to meet course goals/tasks, etc.
  • Edit - record and edit audio and video, import digital resources, etc.
  • Share - videos and audio, photographic data, peer ratings of creations, digital notation, learning and comprehension, etc.
  • Search - for key words & phrases within animation, etc.


Befunky is a free comprehensive online Editing software. It is broken down into three categories (...
Graphics, Audio and Animation


Download from the Appalachian State's Software Center on your PC. Screen recording, mobile video...
Graphics, Audio and Animation

Provides a format for the creating and sharing infographs, flyers and posters. It provides a...
Documenting and Managing Course Work, Graphics, Audio and Animation, Organizing and Sharing Information, Presentations and Websites
Make Beliefs Comix


Make Beliefs Comix is a web-based comic strip creator. Make Beliefs Comix is free to use and...
Graphics, Audio and Animation


Moovly is a free presentation creator that utilizes simple animations.  Moovly looks similar...
Graphics, Audio and Animation
panopto icon


Panopto Focus is a presentation capture platform that lets users capture, edit, stream, archive and...
Graphics, Audio and Animation


Create comics with this interactive website. Using a drag and drop editor you can turn the ideas in...
Graphics, Audio and Animation


YouTube is a video sharing website that serves as a platform to enable user generated videos to be...
Graphics, Audio and Animation