E-Poster Presenter Recommendations

The T4T Fair is focused on starting conversations about technology and teaching, and initiating peer to peer collaboration and support. 

We Will Provide at each E-Poster:

  • Display screen, computer, mouse, keyboard, speakers
  • Small table
  • If needed a remote control for presentation
  • Your E-Posters will be on screens up to 42"-49"
  • Multi-port audio outlets will be available 

*The E-Posters should have a strong teaching/learning emphasis.

Recommendations for an EFECTIVE E-POSTER:

  • Prepare an E-Poster that is 4-5 minutes in length, with the broad format:
    • The technology & how it is utilized
    • Effectiveness (data, student work examples, comments, etc.)
    • Future uses, developments, ambitions, etc.
  • Utilize the interactive format of E-Posters by having access to: (where appropriate)
    • Student work examples
    • Webpages & programs
    • Videos, images, audio & animation
    • Demonstrations of the technology
    • Having attendees engage with the technology 
  • Take time to consider and plan how best to present your proposal to clearly share your effective use of technology to enhance student learning
    • Utilize generic terminology
    • Limit technical jargon & information to essential-only
  • E-Posters provide an exciting and dynamic format for sharing 
    • Maximize the flexibility of this format to engage the attendees
  • As is typical during poster sessions, anticipate attendee interactions of 4-6 mins before needing to re-share your presentation with subsequent attendees 
  • Characteristics of effective E-Posters include several of the following:
    • Demonstrations and/or examples of the utilization of the technology in practical settings 
    • Examples of other technologies and resources utilized
    • Specific examples of student work and/or outcomes 
    • Data on student learning 
    • Scaffolded content and examples to accommodate a wide range of expertise ยท 
  • With the theme of Share-Learn-Grow presentations should be oriented for interaction and initiating connections with campus colleagues
  • Please TEST your presentation prior to the Fair & check that:
    • All links work
    • All demonstrations function
    • Clarity of all videos, images, audio & animation

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