Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Technologies

To explore the technology service listings, go to the Explore Technology Tools page to view a listing of all the technology tools.

Most Popular

Technology tools are rated by the Appalachian State University community, and the most popular (or highest rated) services appear first. The most popular services are also displayed in the Most Popular block in the left sidebar block.

Featured Technology Tools

Featured technology tools are displayed on the home page and at the top of the Explore Technology Tools page.

Search By Technology Tool Category

To search technology tools by category, click the desired technology tool category link in the left sidebar block to view services within that category. You may also click the technology tool category links displayed with each listing.

You can also use the category drop down menu at the top of the Explore Technology Tools page; simply choose the desired category and click the Apply button.

Learn More

View the details about a specific service by clicking on the image or title link. Details for each service include:

  • A description of the service
  • A direct link to the website for more information and/or download
  • Photos of screen shots or other pertinent service images
  • Ratings results
  • Reviews