REALLY Learning!

What is Learning REALLY? It is:

  • An ever-evolving process
  • change in the way a person can potentially function:
    • Engages; Feels; Interacts; etc.
    • Frames/contextualizes;Thinks; Relates/connects; etc. 
    • Creates; Behaves;  Expresses; etc.
  • Relatively permanent
  • Nonlinear
  • An instance of biological adapatation (Piaget)
  • Experience. Everything else is just information (Einstein)
    • The result of practice and/or experience
      • Context is critical (reflects actual/real world applications)
      • Plenty of pertinent and purposeful practice
  • Higher orders of cognitive functioning 
    • Think, create, analyze & engage, in different ways
    • An irreversible change (threshold concepts)
  • Challenging
    • Causes certain degrees of confusion, difficulty and frustration
  • Multi-faceted 
    • Can emerge in multiple ways
    • Multiple components, skills, qualities
    • Contextual (not always transferable to new situations)
  • Individual and social
    • Creative
  • Active engagement
  • A degree of or progress towards mastery


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