kahootKahoot! is a game-based learning platform that uses multiple-choice questions to engage learners. It has added a new game called 'Jumble' which requires player to order answers rather than just select the best answer. Players (learners) either individually or in teams of 2-4, answer questions using their own devices.



Getting Started: 
  • Once registered/logged in, watch the video & read getting started at the top of the page
  • Then select your Kahoot format

kahoot format

  • Create your Kahoot 
    • It leads you through the steps
    • First you will need to name it, you can add an image, descritption & determine who can access it

kahoot questions

    • Then you create your questions & possible responses (minimum of 2). For each question you:
      • Need to assign a time limit
      • Can also assign points
      • Can have an associated image
  • Once you have created your Kahoot you should preview it
  • You will be asked whether you will be classic or team mode & a list of game options
  • Have your students/learners go to https://kahoot.it/#/ & enter the game pin assigned to your kahoot

kahoot it

  • Once they are in then you can begin your Kahoot!

kahoot game

  • Once the kahoot is over various statistical data can be downloaded

kahoot stats

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