MakeMake Beliefs Comix is a web-based comic strip creator. Make Beliefs Comix is free to use and requires no login or sign up. The actual creation process utilizes a vast library of templates filled with characters that have models to portray different expressions. You have seven different languages to select from to create your comic strip.




Getting Started: 
  • A brief overview of how to use this tool (use the arrows to move through the slides)
  • Click on 'Enter Here' & begin
    • Name your comi
    • Your menus are to the left & at the bottom of the yellow screen 
    • Getting Started is top right (see below)


  • Select the:
    • Number of frames from 2-4 
    • Background colors
    • Characters
    • Objects
    • Thought & talk ballons
    • Panel prompts, etc.
  • These can be modified using the leftside menu
  • Once you have completed your comic use the Print/Email button on the side bar
MakeBeliefsComix Example
MakeBeliefsComix Editing Options
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