padletPadlet is an discussion/poster/note board that allows people to share their thoughts & ideas both in class & remotely. Submissions can be anonymous or require submission identification. Most forms of content can be submitted including : images, videos, documents, & text from any device. Personal note taking & to-do lists are other pertinent uses. Padlet creations can be shared, embedded, exported or printed.




You can use Padlet on any modern browser:

  • Chrome
  • Safari (5.0 and above)
  • Firefox (5.0 and above)
  • Internet Explorer (version 8.0 and above)
  • Opera
  • Mobile Safari (iOS 6 and above)
  • Mobile Chrome on Android Jelly Bean (4.1 and above) can be used on mobile devices using a mobile web browser (e.g. Chrome on Android/iOS, Mobile Safari, Mobile Opera, etc.). On a mobile device, you will be able to experience almost all features found on our web application.

Getting Started: 
  • First create an account so you can access your padlets from anywhere (enter a user ame and password to get started)
  • Next, click on the Activity tab which offers:
    • Make a Padlet (simple & intuitive)
    • What is Padlet
    • How do I create a Padlet which also has example Padlets to identify possibilities under a variety of categories
    • How do I post a Padlet
  • Select an option

padlet options

  • When making a Padlet you are offered options:
    • Blank templates: a wall, canvas, stream, grid or shelf
    • An established template specific for a desired function (e.g. bookmarks, Q & As, KWL charts, storyboards, organization charts, etc.)
  • Then Padlet leads you through creating whatever is needed to meet your goal
    • Title, description, wallpaper & web address (at bottom of right hand menu)
    • Next you determine privacy
    • Finally your Padlet is ready to create either via double clicking on the Padlet or drop & drag
  • Once you have created the padlet you can invite others to contribute using the website link you created
    • Students can:
      • Respond to questions, tasks & problesms
      • Post images, videos & graphics
      • Submit answers, etc.
padlet activity options
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