Poll Everywhere

PollPoll Everywhere is an online service allows a teacher to engage instantly with their students via quick, simple polls & challenges. The questions created are administered by either visiting a mobile website, or through texting & twitter. Teachers are able to customize questions & question format to engage learners in a variety of ways. Student responses can be downloaded & analyzed, or the results can be discussed in realtime during the learning experience. *Please note that the free version limits each poll to responses from 40 individuals. As a solution consider creating student groups (2-4) to engage in the activities. There are four major polling formats:

Multiple choice or true/false:

  • Images can be added as reponse options
  • The number of responses can be increased as needed


  • Responses can be collated as word clouds, clusters, tickertape or text wall

Clickable images:

  • Teachers can upload your own images
  • Students click on the image location that best responds to the poll question

Q&A or brainstorm

  • Allows questions to be posed & voted on by class/audience
  • Ideas to be shared & voted on by class/audience

Live, instant results are graphically displayed which can be customized in a variety of formats, depending on question type. Teachers can keep the results private or share with the students.


  • Review of assigned readings at start of class
  • Brainstorming
  • Q & A sessions
  • Review before tests/quizzes
  • Questions about content being presented
    • Check for understanding
  • Review of class experience
  • Identifying student preferences
  • Lead discussions of topics
  • Initiate small group discussion to determine best responses, etc.
  • Voting & polling on positions/perspectives
  • Research & data collection
Getting Started: 


  • First, create an account by clicking the sign up in the top right corner.
  • Watch tutorial video then answer the question below to create your first poll.
  • To create a Poll click the + or Create Poll buttons.
    • Each individual question is considered a poll.
    • The student response options determine the type of question being asked
      • Multiple choice or true/false
      • Open-ended
      • Clickable image
      • Q&A or brainstorm
    • You may wish to enter a series of questions/polls under one response log-in
  • Poll results can be utilized/embedded on ASULearn or in future presentations, research, blogs, etc.


  • Have the option of responding to your polls through either:
    • SMS text voting (does not work with Carolina West provider)
    • web voting
    • twitter responses(Professor connects thier account then students tweet answers @ them)
  • If there are a series of questions/polls, the students should stay logged-in/live
  • After responding students (if you allow) can view the responses & even vote on ideas & responses, depending on poll format
Response types
Word Cloud
Brain Storming
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