quizizzQuizizz is a free multiplayer class activity that works on all devices with a browser. There are also an iOS & Chrome apps. You can create or search for quizizz that meet your needs. Quizizz comes with avatars, leaderboards, music & memes. It offers course & student-level data.




Getting Started: 
  • Quizizz can be used for in-class or out-of-class activities
  • If you need help the Quizizz Help Center has a comprehensive resource of articles, videos & quiz creation tips to make sure you are successful

quizizz help

  • First create an account or log in
  • Ensure you have your questions & responses ready to insert into the quiz
  • Select 'Create a New Quiz'
    • Complete the template for each question
      • You need to have at least 2 possible responses
      • Ensure you set the time limit, correct response
      • Identify the correct response
      • Add an image if it will assist with the question or in determining the appropriate response

create quizizz

  • The final step is to tag the quiz

Quizizz example

  • The instructor controls the game by toggling the leaderboard, timer & other settings
  • Games can be self-paced & used on any device with a browser
  • Reviews of student responses are critical to the learning process, whether peer to peer, small group or whole class

quizizz customization

  • Then ask your students to open join.quizizz.com & enter the code assigned to your game/quiz
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