Info graphic maker that builds vertically based on blocks that separate information. Allows user to illustrate their message graphically in an graphic or poster format. Relatively simple to use, the challenge is organizing your information in meaningful ways.

Cloud Service

Getting Started

  • Click "start for free" or "sign up"
  • Enter name and email then uncheck "subscribe to newsletter" (unless you like junk mail)
  • Once on the home page you can either begin making your project or look through thousands of pre made Piktocharts and templates

    • When picking a template you can choose from 4 types
      • Infographics
      • Reports
      • Posters
      • Presentations
    • When looking through other Pikocharts keep track of what catches your eye in the graphics so that you can apply these features to your project
  • Use the tools to the left of the board to add too and edit your project

  • Add blocks to extend your project

Effective Practices

Basic: Rubrics, rating scales & checklists for: Writing Content clarity Stating & supporting an argument/perspective Triangulation of sources/references Key word, factor analysis, concept maps, flow charts, etc. Out-of-class assignment...


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Tech Tips

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