Why Use Technology?

Technology is an integral part of our lives & our teaching & learning. Technology empowers teachers to:

  • Provide greater student ACCESS to our courses & learning opportunities
    • Students can engage in learning when it best suits their schedules
  • Provide greater course FLEXIBILITY
    • Better adapt to the needs of the learners
  • Embrace & support a greater DIVERSITY of learning preferences
    • Provide choice
    • Learning support tools
  • Provide more OPPORTUNITIES for innovation & creativity
    • Ways to engage
    • Ways to complete tasks & assignments
    • Ways to assess learning
    • Ways to re-imagine learning
  • Increase the AUTHENTICITY & MEANINGFULNESS of learning activities
  • Diversify the opportunities to ENGAGE students
  • Support a broader range of LEARNER NEEDS
    • More strategies & opportunities for communication
  • Embrace CULTURAL trends, interests & needs
  • Be more CREATIVE in how they teach
  • Provide a learning environment that MAXIMIZES all learners aptitudes, interests & capabilities
  • Offer personalized opportunities:
    • To ENGAGE with, EXPLORE & INFLUENCE the world
  • WEATHERIZE your courses
    • Never cancel your course learning opportunities

For technology or any other teaching approach to be effective, it needs to be MEANINGFULLY INTEGRATED into the learning experiences of the course. Thoughtful course design increases the likelihood that technology or any other strategy will be effective & result in significant learning.

Technology Use & Engagement Data

  Students & technology student_tech2.jpg